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Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

Complete fresh food

We cook the food here on our farm, always in small batches and always very gently at a low temperature. Immediately after cooking, we freeze the food.

1Kg Simply Chicken. Each 1Kg chub is 70% human grade chicken meat mixed with organic brown rice flour, chicken liver, seaweed and other natural ingredients that are essential to ensuring your dog gets the most nutritious and heathy food possible.

Our care and attention to the cooking process, and our use of only the highest quality ingredients, means the food retains all of the natural goodness and is easily digestible, resulting in a much healthier and happier dog.

Perfectly balanced recipe

Chicken meat (70%), organic brown rice flour, chicken liver (3%), dried egg product, lignocellulose, dried algae, chicory inulin, vitamins and cranberry powder.

Farm cooked

Oven cooked in small batches on the farm at a low temperature.

Frozen fresh

Frozen immediately after cooking. All the goodness is sealed in until you serve it fresh to your dog.

Serving guidelines

Pets Love Fresh is delivered frozen fresh and should be thawed in the fridge before serving. Allow 12 hours for the food to defrost in the fridge.

To serve, take the chub out of the fridge and check it has defrosted.

Slice and dice. The ruler on the side of the chub will help you slice off the right sized portion.

Storage container

Keep me cold. In your first order we include a sealed fridge container for storing your Pets Love Fresh food in the fridge.

Keep me in the fridge or freezer. Our food is cooked at a low temperature to retain all of the natural goodness of the protein and amino acids. This does mean it has a much shorter shelf life than other dog foods that are cooked at very high temperatures and have preservatives added so that they can sit on supermarket shelves for years.

We don't use any preservatives! Instead we freeze our food immediately after cooking and we deliver it frozen fresh to your door.

Feeding guide

Here is the rough guide on how much Pets Love Fresh you need to feed your dog each day depending on their size.


How to order

Introduce your dog

Create a feeding plan

Select your delivery date

Delivered frozen to your door

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