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Our story

We started Pets Love Fresh in 2013. Our family dog Holly was suffering from allergies, bloating and a general lack of energy. We couldn’t understand why she was having these problems, especially the allergies, even though she wasn’t very old. The vets we saw kept recommending the same dry and raw foods along with more and more pills and potions, but nothing seemed to work.

A home cooked meal

A good friend recommended that we try home cooking some simple food (chicken and rice) for Holly to see if that helped.  We started cooking every evening for her and within just a couple of weeks, we saw an amazing improvement: shinier coat, no bloating, more energy, brighter eyes and so much happier. Even the allergies started to go away.

We asked around and looked to see if there was a dog food that could essentially provide all the benefits of a ‘home cooked meal’, but couldn’t find anything. All the big established brands used tins or kibble and we knew that Holly wasn’t good on the raw foods.

“Human food can be healthy, fresh and affordable, why can't dog food?”

Research and experts

We have spent the last 6 years researching what makes the best food for dogs and how we could share that with other dog owners. We have worked with food scientists and specialists in human nutrition to understand how to retain the goodness and nutritional value of the food as we prepare it.

We then worked with pet nutritionists to ensure our food was perfectly balanced and provided all the things our dogs need in their diet. 

Doing it differently

We had the perfect recipe, we just needed to work out a way of getting all that nutritional goodness in to our dogs' bowls!

Our unique process

All of this work has resulted in Pets Love Fresh. We source ingredients that are normally used in human food, gently cook them at a low temperature to preserve all the nutritional content and immediately freeze the food to avoid any nasty preservatives.

This means all the natural goodness of the food is retained. It’s as close as you can get to having a dog chef cook for your dog every day without any of the hassle or cost. We just hope as many dogs as possible can enjoy our healthy and fresh food.

Mark & Emma - founders of Pets Love Fresh

Interested in finding out more how we prepare our food?

Our mission

We’re here to improve the lives of dogs.

Our promise

To deliver the best food for your dog.

Our values

Natural ingredients & freshness.

Our vibe

Dogs are part of our family.

Meet the team

Mark & Holly

Mark is a simple man that loves nothing more than walking Holly along the beach down in Poole early in the morning.

James & Shredder

James is jack of all trades dog whisperer, unless you speak with Mike’s dog Tita, who for some reason wants James gone. Tita seems to think Mike is the source of her delicious food, James is just slowing down the time it takes for the food to arrive in her bowl.

Mike & Tita

The old guard of both the office and the home, Mike is the creative genius, whist Tita is the barking Generali keeping us all on our toes (literally as she goes for them).

Richard & Lexi

Lexi might be weighing in at 26kgs but she’s a big softy really. Richard on the other hand is our cold handed design guru!

Jess & Dolly

When Jess isn’t running the office and organising suppliers, she’s enjoying some well earned chilled out time on the sofa with Dolly.

Gerald & Winnie

Gerald has three women in his life, his mum, his daughter and Winnie. We know who is in charge!


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