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Price guide

A rough guide to how much it will cost to feed your dog a complete diet of Pets Love Fresh each day based on their size.


Free delivery

Delivery of Pets Love Fresh is always FREE of charge! We don't believe in hidden costs.

When ordering Pets Love Fresh, we ask you a few questions about your dog to ensure we can recommend the precise amount of food your dog should be eating each day.

How does this compare to other dog foods?

Not as straightforward a question as it might sound...

No topping up required

Lots of owners feed their dogs tinned food or dry kibble and then add some chicken, beef or fish. Subconsciously lots of us are aware that the tinned foods and kibbles aren't that great for our dogs so we try and top up their food with some extra goodness (this is definitely what we used to do).

In our case, we never knew exactly how much we were spending on our dog food because of this but it was quite a bit more than just a bag of dog food every couple months.

Interested in finding out more about why our food is complete?

Cheaper vet bills

When we moved our dog to Pets Love Fresh, we pretty quickly realized that her health had improved and within just a month our regular trips to the vet were no longer necessary.

Holly's bloating went away, her stools were normal and her fur grew back and had a real gloss. We've now started working with insurance companies to try and reduce pet cover costs for owners feeding their dogs Pets Love Fresh, as the improvements in health are so good.

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